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Graphic Design
& Art Direction

Hello there!
I’m really into...

Editorial design, funky type, and grid systems.
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Usually professional work, on hold for now.

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iPhone pics, stuff I made for friends, etc.


Graphic Design
& Art Direction

Hello there! I’m really into...
Editorial design and grid systems.


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THE ART OF DRESSING ︎ Ageless, Timeless, Original Style

Book Design

Role Design Intern
Design Jeanette Abbink
Author Tziporah Salamon
Editor Ellen Nidy
Publisher Rizzoli
As a design intern at Rational Beauty I was tasked with crafting layouts, proofreading, making book maquettes, editing and organizing photography for print, and helping with the flow of the editorial content.

For this particular project I also assisted in photo production and art direction. Our main goal was was to create a consistent visual tone throughout the book as we were working with various photographers, the author’s personal photos, and commissioned illustrations. 

Style icon Tziporah Salamon profiles an A list of the most stylish older women of today, showcasing their best outfits and revealing their closets, while imparting practical tips on how to put together beautiful outfits while expressing your own personal style. ︎︎︎via Rizzoli 


Photography: Front cover—Iris Brosch; Pages 4, 5—Melodie Jent; Pages 10, 12, 13—Author’s own; Page 11—Julie McCarthy; Page 34, 87—Robbie Quinn; Page 86—Iké Udé; Page 145 – Floto + Warner; Pages 148, 149—Courtesy of Michelle Oka-Doner; Page 163, 170, 171, 176, 177, 210, 211—Janis Wilkins; Page 216—Dan Rous

Illustrations: Mokshini

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