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Graphic Design
& Art Direction

Hello there!
I’m really into...

Editorial design, funky type, and grid systems.
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Graphic Design
& Art Direction

Hello there! I’m really into...
Editorial design and grid systems.


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︎︎︎Artwork in the back by Ellsworth Kelly. 
Hello, my name is María Gabriela! I’m a graphic designer and art director who spends her time between New York and the Republic of Panama. I go by various nicknames, including Gaby and Mari Gaby, but lately, I’ve simplified it to MG.

My design practice lies at the intersection of publication design and digital products, with a strong affinity for story-telling through different editorial perspectives, information systems, and an empathic, people-centered viewpoint. I enjoy building communication systems centered on structure, pattern, and hierarchy that are flexible enough to feel experimental and fun.

After graduating from the Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Communication Design, I became a design intern at the independent fashion magazine ︎︎︎Document Journal and also assisted in designing books at ︎︎︎Rational Beauty, a studio in Brooklyn that focuses on editorial projects with a rigorous, modernist approach.

Later, I joined the in-house design team at ︎︎︎Jewish National Fund-USA, a non-profit in New York City. As an associate art director, I worked on the organization’s rebranding, producing marketing materials for 700+ fundraising events around the United States, and redesigning the organization’s tri-annual magazine. My last project with JNF consisted of developing their digital design system—building components, manuals, and wireframes for new products across their different sub-brands.

After working freelance with other non-profit organizations, my interest in mission-driven design led me to ︎︎︎ Opus
, a Boston-based, women-owned agency focusing on non-profits, educational institutions, research centers, and food and beverage clients. As a senior graphic designer, I worked on various branding, print, web, and data visualization projects.

On a personal level, I’m an avid reader of novels, a newbie surfer, a live music enthusiast, a record collector, a manic list-maker, and the proud owner of a fluffy ginger cat. 

I’m currently taking on freelance projects as I pursue a Master’s of Science in Integrated Marketing and Analytics. If you would like to work together, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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